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Welcome to Imboru Tours Limited.

The Imboru Tours Limited have been appointed to run the Visitor
Centre for the Burunge Wildlife Management Area (BWMA) in Babati
District, Manyara Region. The Visitor Centre, situated before the
turn-off to your Tarangire National Park is meant to facilitate
exhibition and interpretation of resources and culture found in BWMA.
The Centre was conceived as a one-stop shop for tourists so as to get
orientation of the BWMA and surrounding area of Tarangire-Manyara

leonard massay

Mr Leonard F. Massay


thomas ratsim

Mr Thomas Q. Ratsim


Company Profile

Imboru Tours Limited is a company fully owned by Tanzanians with the insight knowledge of the country. The name of the Company  - Imboru is derived from the proper name for Mbulu District and its Headquarters established by Germans in 1905.  The district is one of the places in Tanzania where the four major African linguistic families cohesively subsist in.

The linguistic families are Bantu (Mbugwe), Nilotic (Barbaig), and Cushitic (Iraqw). The District encompasses  the Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks, soda lakes Eyasi and Manyara.

Is an adventure safari tour company employing most knowledgeable and experiences personnel in order to ensure that visitors to Tanzania will be intimately with the magnificence of the country.

Imboru Tours  gives expert advice to travellers and tourists on connecting with nature, people, and wildlife  in Tanzania. The site is for anyone in halfway decent shape who yearns for an authentic and memorable travel experience outdoors, far away from the masses.

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